Queen’s Men

The Queens’s Badge is the highs badge in the Boys Brigade, Below blow is a full list of all the boys that have received the badge with in 1st Monifieth BB.


2018: Liam Latto
2017:  Jack Anderson
2016:  Lewis Christie, Greg Fleming
2015:  Andrew Young
2013:  Ondrej Vesely
2012:  Ryan Barrie, Gregory Chaplain,  Jonathan Elder, Gregor Linnen, Sean Melville
2011: Gregor Ramsay
2010:  Andrew Chaplain, Iain D’Arcy, Scott Dowie,  David High 
2009:  Mathew Boath, Liam Boath, Greg Ryder, Andrew Simpson 
2007:  Bruce McFarlane
2006:  Grant Duncan, Niall Deuchar, Stuart Gardiner, Rhuaridh Stirling, Alisdair Ritchie, Jamie Vale

Total 2000’s : 26


1998:    Ewan Clark
1997:    Gary Strachan, Donald Ramsay, Robin Stewart
1996:    Steven Ritchie
1995:    Andrew McArtney, Gordon McAllister, Christopher Finan
1994:    Keith Ramsay, Fraser Hare, Stuart Mills, Stephen Oliver, Alistair Grieve
1993:    Douglas Coull, Kenneth Ramsay
1991:    Cammy Rough,  Angus Roy, Andrew Stevenson 

Total 1990’s:  18


1988:    Alan Gordon, Alan Clark, Ian Hill, Lee Sutherland, Gary Cosgrove
1985:   George Martin, David Imrie, Gordon Wood
1984:    Calum Edwards, David Kettlewell, Jamie Neill, Stuart Suttie, Peter Fawns, Stewart Brown, Frazer Blyth, Ian Stewart, George Whyte, Mark Galbraith
1983:    Graeme McMinn

TOTAL 1980’s:  19