Company Section

Welcome to Company Section.

During the year, the Company Section undertakes a huge range of activities with the boys.  Each night is different so there is something for everyone.  A typical night includes: Class work, Games, Challenges, etc

There may be various classes under the ‘Discovery’ badge scheme in which the aim is that boys, through completing various tasks will discover something new about themselves such as a hobby, interest or talent.  The culmination of the badge classes is that over the years in the section, the boys will work towards achieving their Presidents and ultimately their Queens badges.

Weekly sporting activities could be anything from football, unihockey, box work and rounders. 

The Company Section boys also has the opportunity to take part in competitions with other companies from the Dundee and Angus Battalion.  These competitions include indoor 5 a side football, table tennis, cross country and squad drill.

Each year we also have a number of outings.  Over the last number of years we have been to watch Dundee Stars Ice Hockey Marches and Trampolining . Each year we try to do something different!

The highlight of the Company Section year is our annual week summer Camp. Each year, at the end of the session we head away up the A9 to Boat of Garten.